Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Place for the 99-Percent to Unite!

Deciding to reactivate this blog, Americans for Truth in News, was an easy choice. Having worked for many large media companies, I know the few good journalists left in the industry are stretched so far they can't get to all the important stories. Then, of course, there's so much commentary disguised as news, and advertorials (ads hidden as news) it's hard to know what to believe anymore. Press releases issued by state, local and federal governments are often taken as truth simply because there isn't enough time (or staff) to check them out properly. I'm not saying my former colleagues- or anyone working for the major media- are deliberately misleading, although some companies are forcing their employees to do just that.
Most journalists today are simply overworked and under the gun at deadline and don't have time to spend on more than a 12-inch print piece or a 10-second sound bite. That means a lot of important stories are ignored, or at least under-reported.
The fact so many groups and organizations have sprung up recently, like United We Stand, Tea Party- and many, many political parties other than elephants and donkeys we've never even heard of, shows the people who make up the "99-percent" mentioned in those 4-second segments of your television broadcasts really have something to say.
Eventually my main website,, where I edit for authors preparing for publication, will be connected to this blog but for now, as I beat my technologically imperfect brain into submission to get this started, I invite you to send me your stories, photographs, and videos, and of course, on-line advertising to support the site!
Anyone, anywhere, is welcome to re post from this site but please remember to credit the source. The more people we can get talking to each other, the faster real patriots can fix what's gone so terribly, terribly wrong since the 27 Amendments to the Constitution were written.

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