Monday, December 19, 2011

Journalists assaulted regularly

Holiday shoppers may be crowding city streets across America, but so are protestors in movements such as Occupy. So why are there more reports about Blue-Light Specials than about thousands of protesters being assaulted and hauled away by police?
Perhaps the fact that so many journalists have been assaulted recently while trying to report this story has a lot to do with it.
In fact, 50 professional writers and photographers were arrested, jailed or threatened in the dec. 17 gathering in New York's Zuccotti Park along with several clergymen who were out peacefully trying to support the cause.
Staff writer Nick Pinto of the Village Voice and freelancer Zack Roberts were consistently tweeting throughout the ordeal, even as they were arrested and placed in the paddywagon.
The worst offense I could find, however, was a report by well-known journalist Ryan Devereaux of Democracy Now who told of being pushed, threatened, and watching his cameraman hit three times as they reported on the scene despite the fact he was holding up his press credentials.

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