Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Homeland Security Rule Affects Driver's License Renewal

I have been so busy writing news I have not even attempted to blog. There is a lot going on in this country people really need to know about. Did you know that as of Jan. 1, 2010, you are required to trace your name back to your birth certificate name to obtain a driver's license in Florida and several other pilot states? By 2014 this will be a national Homeland Security rule. And your driver's license will no longer be the required ID for proving who you are in order to not only drive- but to board airlines, or enter federal buildings. Only the new "Real ID" will be proof for that.

Sound easy enough to accomplish? Well, what if you lived in a small rural town and your Town Hall burned down? No problem- as long as your City Clerk had already sent an original sealed copy of your birth, marriage or divorce certificates to the State. If they didn't- well, you may just be up the creek with no oars.

It's the same if you've been married and divorced several times. It doesn't matter what your current driver's license or Social Security card say. They aren't good enough ID anymore.

You won't be able to get another driver's license unless you can tie your last name to your birth certificate. Women- if you've been married more than once, you'd better start writing a year before your license is due for renewal. In other words, birth certificate; first marriage certificate (and it better have your maiden name on it); divorce certificate; remarriage certificate; divorce papers; and current marriage certificate. No copies either. Only originals containing State seals.

Adoptions? Name changes? You'd better have good proof. State-sealed, court-ordered proof.

Check out my story on This is scary. We are about to be numbered from birth to death and it's not by Social Security. Makes me wonder how long it will be before we are told we must have this number tatooed or microchipped on our body.


  1. Since 9/11, we have to be careful who gets drivers lic since that is one document that is used to board airlines, cash checks etc. Prior to this year, anyone could be a drivers lic, with just any identification.

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  4. This a crazy new rule, sound so complicated. Thanks for sharing, it is good to know.