Thursday, January 28, 2010

Now only wealth will count in elections

It's finally happened. Only the wealthy will have the power to campaign. Oh- it's been coming on for decades, but with the Supreme Court's ridiculous decision last week to allow unlimited campaign spending by corporations- the elite have finally won.

One-hundred years of campaign law has been thrown out the window.

The lobbyists who take elected representatives to thousand-dollar dinners; fly them to private islands in their jets and push wads of money into the pockets of their three-thousand-dollar suits will now be able to openly give out checks in public view. The money of course, will come from the lobbyists "masters" (employers if you want to call them that).

Big oil. Big drug companies. Big insurancce. All with the ability to donate as much as they please to candidates running for office that promise them exactly what they want if they're elected.

Where is the media on this? Why does it seem that more editorial writers are talking about the color of Michelle Obama's dress during last night's State of the Union address than about this unholy Supreme Court alliance with huge-dollar companies aiming to run the world?

With the Court's latest asinine decision, insurance companies can spend as much as they want on Joe Lieberman's efforts to water down health care reform as thousands without insurance continue to die. And ExxonMobil (hummm.... another merger) can spend billions on candidates who will oppose clean energy.

Laugh if you will. Scoff if you prefer. Say this information is worthless and unpatriotic. But baby- you've come a long way now. Is this what Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Thomas Paine envisioned? Is this what your forefathers (and possibly sons and daughters) died on foreign soil to protect?

I personally, am ashamed, black-robed justices. Shame on you for what you've done. And shame on me for not screaming it from the rooftops when I first saw it coming.


  1. Amen to that! Were all screwed now. It's time to yell!