Saturday, January 16, 2010

Looking Back at History Prepares us to Read Current Events

This post has no commentary or opinion. It is all fact. It is very bare-bones material I am researching to compile into a nonfiction book, American Gestapo, that will be a follow-up to my last book, fiction-based-on-fact, Soft News. I would like to preface my report by saying I spent more than two years living in Germany as a military dependent, and some of my ancestors are from that country. I found the Germans very friendly, likeable, hardworking and although tremendously practical, fun-loving at the right time.

* * * *
Some people are trying to change history. Today we are only going to deal with one aspect of this: Germany immediately prior to World War II.

There have been recent news stories quoting historians who say the Holocaust never happened. Textbook "revisionists" engaged in Holocaust denial refer to their work as an historical re-examination of history, updating it with "newly discovered, less biased information." It is an academic approach that says historical accounts have not been properly told. To check out these facts, simply type "Holocaust denial" or delve into the work of Henry Rousso- a respected Frenchman who works as director of research at the French National Scientific Research Center and is considered a top expert on the World War II era.

History currently shows that in the late 1920s and early 1930s, economic times in Germany were tough; people were losing jobs; had little to eat; and newspapers were afraid to speak out for fear of offending those in power.

As the economic crisis became a Great Depression, a "savior" who promised much to the masses came to power. The media loved him. Just check your history. All he did was in the name of justice and change.

Germany was cultured, filled with music, art, laboratories and universities. The Germans were hardy, hardworking, and patriotic. Hitler had only been appointed Chancellor of Germany four weeks when he was invited by President von Hindenburg to lead a coalition government. But time passed and elections were upcoming.

On the evening of Feb. 27, 1933, six days before an election was scheduled that could have changed the balance of power, a huge fire broke out. It became known as the Reichstag Fire and was the reason used by those in power to put military law on the streets. It was (of course) said to be the only way to protect the people from harm.

Immediately following our "Reichstag Fire" (Sept. 11) The Patriot Act was put into place supposedly for those very same reasons. Have you studied it? I suggest you do. If certain portions of it are enforced, any law enforcement agent (from any branch, whether your local sheriff or DC SWAT team) can invade your home or business without a warrant. All they must say is "He (or she) might be a terrorist."

The text of the German Decree, officially called the Verordnung des Reichprasidenten zum Schutz von Volk und Staat (Order of the Reich President for the Protection of People and State) is available in your library and on line. Its Article 6 states that it went into effect the moment it was posted.

The decree resulted in military power that took over the streets. Killing sprees. Genocide. Turning children against parents, and neighbors against neighbors. Concentration camps. Rounding up of all Jews and any others who opposed their tactics; scientists; great thinkers; philosophers; writers; journalists; photographers- anyone who wanted to speak out or report the truth.

This was not something that happened overnight. It had been building. All the elements were present and simply had to be enforced. As they are here in the United States of America today.
Simply read The Patriot Act for yourself and decide.

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