Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rumor: John Stossel fired over health care report not true

I must apologize again for not doing the daily blog so soon after starting but spending several days in a hospital room with a dying friend has set my work schedule back quite a bit. I still have my magazine and newspaper deadlines, and am behind editing an author's book as well. I hope to be back up to speed next week and also to email the first 50 blog followers their free Creative Yarnspinning lesson as promised. But I had to come online today after receiving a mail telling the story that ABC's 20-20 John Stossel, one of the few national reporters I admire for his ability to root out fact from fiction (although he does sometimes editorialize in his reports!) has been fired for his reporting on the Obama health care plan. I checked with my sources; then read an article from the New York Times archives dated Sept. 10 to back it up- and found that John had announced that day that he planned to leave ABC for Fox. This makes his "firing report" false. For those of you who want to hear the report, and also see that (a very reliable online source) also says this is false; proving I am not a lone voice crying in the wilderness on this, log onto There you can not only read what snopes reporters have to say about it, but also watch the 20-20 report on a YouTube video. I am sure newspapers besides the New York Times also carried the story of John's plan to move to Fox in September if you want to follow this in a daily paper in your part of the world. Then, if you're still not sure what to believe, go to John's personal page at ABC; Remember, when I first started this blog I said I'd show you how to go directly to sources yourself since a lot of today's news is really not news, but editorial commentary, to "force-feed" your beliefs. Because I know this as a 35-year journalist, I often say that the things circulating on the Internet can be more factual than your nightly news cast. But in this case, the rumor is not true.

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