Monday, November 23, 2009

Offering Forum for Ideas to Recapture Lost Freedoms

OK people- especially journalists, politicians and anyone interested in knowing about all the freedoms we have lost over the last 40 years. I invite you to comment on my posts and possibly even start a new discussion with your ideas. My latest book, Soft News, which has received good reviews from international book reviewer Kirkus Discoveries and others, is fiction based on fact and emphasizes how free voices are being silenced as mega corporations bulldoze long-time reliable news sources and then release only what their financiers want the public to know. One of the things the book points out is that "Socialism" is not what we must fear most in the United States. While the word "Socialism" is being bandied about to create smoke and mirrors over the real problem of big-dollar control, buyouts, lobbyists and greed, we have lost many freedoms already. We're headed for Dictatorship, governed by powerful forces who already control most of our lives. To avoid being thrust into this condition, we need to know exactly what freedoms we have already lost. Our Patriot Act gives similar powers to what the German government gave its military (that resulted in Nazi power) after the Reichstag Fire; for the same reason as our post-Sept. 11 document gave them to our law enforcement agencies. Read the Patriot Act yourself. You can find it easily online. Hidden beneath the nonsensical verbiage and legalese of the writing it says that any law enforcement official may enter your home or business without a warrant if this act is invoked. Similar laws have followed. Don't fall for smoke screens and hot-button words. Those reaping the benefits of power will do anything to preserve the status quo. They know the middle class is losing ground fast enough to expect a Tea Party within another year. I did a series on the Patriot Act right after it was enacted on my former radio show, The Uncensored Reporter, and plan to revisit it again here. Our rights are being violated every time someone we have sent to represent us at State or National Level says "yes" to a lobbyist; signs a bill without reading it; signs a bill they don't believe in only to get another person to sign a bill he or she is sponsoring; puts another law into effect limiting our property rights; says we can't own guns (or does something to inhibit the production of ammunition); tells us we must be "tolerant" and stop celebrating our religious preferences in public places; or tells third-party candidates they can't debate or get the same airtime or print as the two governing political parties. If you believe what I just stated to be true, hit "follow" and receive future posts. If you choose to comment, just hit the word "comments" below and a space will open for you to do so. And if you still aren't sure there's something going on in the back-rooms of America's policy-makers, just read the Patriot Act for yourself.

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