Thursday, October 29, 2009

Somebody, Somewhere, Please Tell Me Matthew Hoh Made The News in Their Town

There's a lot of front page news across America this week about H1N1; both the virus and the vaccine. There's talk of football teams and the Democrats struggle with the health care bill, which is now more than 1,000 pages due to "add-on" favors placed in the bill by those we've sent to Washington to represent us. Here in Tampa Bay, where I live, most of our local news media have chosen to headline a story about a teacher who was convicted as a sex offender in Nov. 2005 for doing the deed with one of her 14-year old students. Since a judge says she may now have "appropriate contact" with children again, this has become the talk of the day, appearing above the fold in some newspapers and at the head of the broadcast on local television. I had to really search my sources around the country to find a newspaper that covered something I'd heard about that I thought you might prefer to know. (Actual news that affects us all!) I had heard from a friend in New York that she had read an opinion piece a day or so ago about Matthew Hoh. It seems Hoh is a former Marine who fought in Iraq and was later a member of the State Department and acted as a diplomat in Afghanistan. But Hoh quit his government position recently, saying he no longer believes in the U.S. position regarding that country. His up-close and personal relationship with what's actually happening over there tells him that the U.S. is on the wrong path. His resignation letter, which was publicized (as far as I know) only one day in a few news outlets, states that Hoh has "lost understanding of, and confidence in, the strategic purposes of the United States presence in Afghanistan." He goes on to say he thinks U.S. continuing presence is fueling the insurgency. Why the %$#@ did we not see this on the front page of every newspaper in America? Why are the broadcasters not interviewing him on television? Why does hardly anyone know of Matthew Hoh? A few months ago I interviewed a reporter who recently returned from Iraq and he told me some things about the way the war is covered that will give you chills. Oh- there are a few good reporters over there risking their lives beside the troops. But the majority? Well, that's a subject for a whole new post. Let's go into that tomorrow, during my discussion of "news watchers" (the people hired by major media to keep track of what other media folks are putting out there.) After all, what media executive ($$$$) would want his or her outlet to be the only one to miss a story about a young blonde sex offender ($$$$) who can now have dinner with families and their children? Heaven forbid we all miss that! ($$$$$)

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