Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Presidential Power Story Ignored for 2 Years

I wrote an email to Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island today asking him if there has been any update on a report he gave on the Senate floor in December 2007 as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.
His report was an issue I visited briefly at that time as host of my former radio show, The Uncensored Reporter. I decided to try for a follow-up now because of the ongoing build-up of American troops slated to go to Afghanistan. In 2007, Whitehouse said he was worried because of three legal documents he had found that together say: "An executive order cannot limit a President; there is no Constitutional requirement for a President to issue a new executive order when he wants to depart from a previous executive order, instead he may modify or waive it." And third, that "He (or she) may determine whether an (ANY??) action is lawful, and exercise Presidential rights and authority over it. And if this is done, the Department of Justice is bound by the President's legal determination."
When Whitehouse declassified these documents on the Senate floor he strongly objected to them. So why haven't we heard more about it? Have most people heard about it at all? Have these practices ever been rescinded, and if not, is anyone in Congress fighting against them?
But my biggest question is where the $%$@ is the DC press on this? Why was such a major issue ignored?
While the front page of today's Miami Herald quotes President Obama as saying his goal is "to put us on the path of ending the war," and that "his goal is not to pass the conflict on to the next President," many other major newspapers across the country have ignored the ongoing preparation for a military build-up in Afghanistan entirely, or buried it beneath stories of celebrities and other such @#$%.
The criticism by Senator Whitehouse in 2007 needs to be brought into view so we may learn whether this Bush policy is carried forward, or broken down, by President Obama.
There's a lot of media coverage saying people are calling Obama's desire for every American to have access to health care Socialism, yet that same media has ignored the fact that our former President gave the Presidential Office the right to violate the Civil Rights of The People simply by executive order if he so wishes.
Is this not worse even than Socialism? If used, this power, coupled with the "unpatriotic" Patriot Act, could result in dictatorship.
I'm not saying the media has an agenda by its omissions. But I am saying it is reporting the stories that come easy, especially in this economy where many in the media are doing more than one job as massive layoffs continue.
So as I wait for Senator Whitehouse's answer, I checked today's front pages across the country and have found some tremendously enlightening news leading Page 1 in many areas including the well-read Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Russian Vladimir Putin rapping on a television show (along with other Kremlin elite) saying this is a freestyle message urging President Dmitry Medvedev to fight corruption and other everyday problems of Russians.
Thank God for the Miami Herald. At least it's seriously discussing Afghanistan. And the New York Times, which is leading with health care, new guidelines for mammograms and the safety of our airlines.

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