Friday, October 23, 2009

What the %$#@ is this blog about?

If you're fed up with the inaccuracy of politically-correct speech, or of journalists and broadcasters who pawn off their opinion as fact, or if you have any historical knowledge about how other countries were duped into dictatorship by propaganda, you just may find this your new home. Or maybe you're just plain tired of reading about celebrities; OK, this spot is for you too. By quitting the big-time media and freelancing, I put a stop to censorship- yes censorship- of my writing. Now I write only for small local publications (to stay close to my community) and on line for organizations that believe in the Truth with a capital T. I'm going to point you to sources and stories from around the world that at first may seem unbelieveable- until you check them out. As a radio talk show host, I ran under the name Uncensored Reporter so I chose to also use it here. What gave me the idea for all this were the headlines one day in July 2008 while I was on the air. It seemed every news outlet in America was asking "Who is the father of Minnie Driver's baby?" But that was the day NASA launched the "Geoeye." Ever heard of it? Well, it can read a 16-inch area (yep- including your computer screen) from 4 miles in the sky through walls. Should this (perhaps?) have been the lead story on Page One of every newspaper in America? Well guys, where the $$@#! were you? I'm going to ask that bloggers send their stories. Brief, OK? And of course, if asked, you may have to prove them, or at least offer some way we can check them out. Coverups. Conspiracies. Whistleblowers. Unsung heroes (hey, we like good news too!). And as we go, comment all you want. Discuss. But please, let's treat each other as guests in our home because that's what I hope we will be. So welcome Truth Bearers. The first thing we need are suggestions on what followers here want to call themselves. "UR Reporters" maybe (as in "you are" and also standing for Uncensored Reporters?) Kind of like AP (Associated Press) reporters only closer to the truth.


  1. FYI: GeoEye was actually launched by the USAF at Vandenberg AFB in California, and not by NASA...

  2. How can we get you on dateline or meet the press, we so need people speaking out and not being muzzled.
    I live in Ohio and recently we had a politition
    come back to do a quote unquote live show and no matter what side you were on you would be able to ask your question, wrong. I ask(the person who ask you what you want to ask the senator)"why don't you have to ask you voters when you can have a raise and how much vacation you get each year". I honestly don't know another employee of any business who has that right.Where else can you get a job that we gave YOU, work one term and have liftime benefits? What have we done to our country?